Daniele Archibugi, with Marco Cellini
Daniele Archibugi, with Marco Cellini, (2017). Democracy and Global Governance: The Internal and the External Levers. In Anna Triandafyllidou (ed.),"Global Governance from Regional Perspectives: A Critical View". Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Publication year: 2017


Part 1: Critical Approaches to Global Governance

1. Global Governance from Regional Perspectives: A Critical View, Anna Triandafyllidou

2. Can the Study of Global Governance be De-Centered?, Andrew Hurrell

3. Measuring (Global) Governance: The Potential, the Practical, and the Problematic Assessment of Governance Within and Beyond the State, Gaby Umbach

4. Democracy and Global Governance: The Internal and External Levers, Daniele Archibugi with Marco Cellini

Part 2: Regional Perspectives on Global Governance

5. A Perspective from the Middle East: Governance and the Problem of Knowledge, Nida Alahmad

6. An African Perspective on Global Governance, Thomas Kwasi Tieku and Linnéa Guilot

7. A Russian Perspective on Global Governance, Elena Belokurova

8. Global Governance with Chinese Characteristics?, Neil Duggan, Wei Shen, and G. Gottwald

9. A ‘Rashomon’ Story: Latin American Views and Discourses of Global Governance and Multilateralism, Jose Antonio Sanahuja

10. The European Union and Global Governance, Thomas Christiansen

11. Global Governance in the United States, Roberto Dominguez

12. Pluralising Global Governance: Achievements and Challenges Ahead, Anna Triandafyllidou

Chapter Table of Content

4.1 What Are the Objectives of Democratic Global Governance?

4.2 What is Democratic Global Governance?

4.3 Who is entitled to Assess Internal Democracy?

4.4 The Internal Lever

4.4.1 Use IOs rather than secretive governance agreements

4.4.2 The creation of international parliamentary assemblies (IPAs)

4.4.3 Give more voice to international judicial devices

4.4.4 Opening access to NGOs and civil society

4.5 The External Lever

4.5.1 The external lever in the European Union

4.5.2 The external lever in Latin America

4.5.3 When the external lever does not work: the League of Arab States

4.5.4 What can be done to make the external lever more effective?

4.6 Conclusions