Daniele Archibugi, and Andrea Filippetti
Archibugi, D., & Filippetti, A. (2013). Innovation and economic crisis: lessons and prospects from the economic downturn. Routledge.
Publication year: 2011




1. At the Root of the Crisis: Some Proposed Explanations

2. Technological Change, Patterns of Innovation, and Economic Development: The Contribution of the Neo-Schumpeterian Research

3. The Role of the Rules: National Systems of Innovation and Labor Market Institutions

4. Is the Crisis Hampering Innovation Convergence in Europe?

5. National Systems of Innovation, Structure, and Demand

6. Varieties of Capitalism and Innovation Investment

7. Who is Swimming Against the Stream: Is Accumulation More Creative than Destruction?

8. Innovation in the Manufacturing and Service Sector: Impact and Firms’ Strategies

9. Is Slack Good for Innovation in Times of Crisis?

10. Conclusions