Archibugi, D., Howells, J., and Michie, J.
Archibugi, D., Howells, J., & Michie, J. (Eds.). (1999). Innovation policy in a global economy. Cambridge University Press.
Publication year: 1999


List of figures

List of tables

List of contributors

C. Freeman: Foreword

Preface and acknowledgements

D. Archibugi, J. Howells and J. Michie: Innovation systems and policy in a global economy: an introduction (pages 1-18)

Part One:

National Systems of Innovations:

B-Å. Lundvall: Technology policy in the learning economy (pages 19-34)

G. Dosi: Some notes on national systems of innovation and production, and their implications for economic analysis (pages 35-48)

M. Pianta: Technology, growth and employment: do national systems matter? (pages 49-66)

Part Two:

Regional, National, and Global Forces:

J. Howells: Regional systems of innovation? (pages 67-93)

K. Pavitt and P. Patel: Global corporations and national systems of innovation: who dominates whom? (pages 94-119)

M. F. Kluth and J. B. Andersen: Globalisation and financial diversity: the making of venture capital markets in France, Germany and the UK (pages 120-138)

P. Guerrieri: Patterns of national specialization in the global competitive environment (pages 139-162)

Part Three:

Globalisation and Economic Performance:

M. Kitson and J. Michie: The political economy of globalisation (pages 163-184)

J. H. Dunning and C. Wymbs: The geographical sourcing of technological based assets by multinational enterprises (pages 185-224)

J. Cantwell:  Innovation as the principal source of growth in the global economy (pages 225-241)

D. Archibugi and S. Iammarino: The policy implications of the globalisation of innovation (pages 242-271)