Archibugi, D., Held, D., and Köhler, M.
Archibugi, D., Held, D., & Köhler, M. (1998). Re-imagining political community: studies in cosmopolitan democracy. Stanford University Press.
Publication year: 1998


Daniele Archibugi, David Held and Martin Köhler: Introduction (pages 1-10)

Part One:

The Transformation of the Interstate System

David Held: Democracy and Globalization (pages 11-27)

James N. Rosenau: Governance and Democracy in a Globalizing World (pages 28-57)

David Beetham: Human Rights as a Model for Cosmopolitan Democracy (pages 58-71)

James Crawford and Susan Marks: The Global Democracy Deficit: an Essay in International Law and its Limits (pages 72-90)

Mary Kaldor: Reconceptualizing Organized Violence (pages 91-112)

Part Two:

Citizenship, Sovereignty and Transnational Democracy

Andrew Linklater: Citizenship and Sovereignty in the post-Westphalian European State (pages 113-137)

Ulrich K.Preuss: Citizenship in the EU – A Paradigm for Transnational Democracy? (pages 138-151)

Richard Bellamy and Dario Castiglione: Between Cosmopolis and Community: Three Models of Rights and Democracy within the European Union (pages 152-178)

Janna Thompson: Community Identity and World Citizenship (pages 179-197)

Daniele Archibugi: Principles of Cosmopolitan Democracy (pages 198-230)

Part Three:

The Prospects of Cosmopolitan Democracy

Martin Köhler: From the National to the Cosmopolitan Public Sphere (pages 231-251)

Gwyn Prins and Elizabeth Sellwood: Global Security Problems and the Challenge to Democratic Process (pages 252-272)

Pierre Hassner: Refugees: a Special Case for Cosmopolitan Citizenship? (pages 273-286)

Derk Bienen, Volker Rittberger and Wolfgang Wagner: Democracy in the United Nations System: Cosmopolitan and Communitarian Principles (pages 287-308)

Richard Falk: The United Nations and Cosmopolitan Democracy: Bad Dream, Utopian Fantasy, Political Project (pages 309-331)