Archibugi, D., and Michie, J.
Archibugi, D., & Michie, J. (Eds.). (1997). Technology, globalisation and economic performance. Cambridge University Press.
Publication year: 1997


List of figures List of tables List of contributors Richard Nelson: Foreward Preface and acknowledgements

Daniele Archibugi and Jonathan Michie: Technological globalisation and national systems of innovation: an introduction; (Pages 1-23)

Christopher Freeman: The ‘national system of innovation’ in historical perspective (Pages 24-49)

Martin Fransman: Is national technology policy obsolete in a globalised world? The Japanese response (Pages 50-82)

Martin Bell and Keith Pavitt: Technological accumulation and industrial growth: contrasts between developed and developing countries (Pages 83-137)

David Mowery and Joanne Oxley: Inward technology transfer and competitiveness: the role of national innovation systems (Pages 138-171)

Daniele Arhibugi and Jonathan Michie: The globalisation of technology: a new taxonomy (Pages 172-197)

Pari Patel: Localised production of technology for global markets (Pages 198-214)

John Cantwell: The globalisation of technology: what remains of the product cycle model? (Pages 215-240)

Franco Malerba and Luigi Orsenigo: Schumpeterian patterns of innovation (Pages 241-267)

Stan Metcalfe: Technology systems and technology policy in an evolutionary perspective (Pages 268-296)