Daniele Archibugi
Archibugi, D. (2008). The global commonwealth of citizens: toward cosmopolitan democracy. Princeton University Press.
Publication year: 2008


Chapter 1) INTRODUCTION: A Queen for the World (p. 1)

PART ONE: The Theory of Cosmopolitan Democracy (p. 15)

Chapter 2) The Conception of Democracy (p. 17)

Chapter 3) Democracy and the Global System (p. 53)

Chapter 4) The Architecture of Cosmopolitan Democracy (p. 85)

Chapter 5) Critical Debate on Cosmopolitan Democracy (p. 123)

PART TWO: The practice of Cosmopolitan Democracy (p. 151)

Chapter 6) The Central Importance of the United Nations (p. 153)

Chapter 7) Cosmopolitanism and Humanitarian Intervention (p. 184)

Chapter 8) Can Democracy Be Exported) (p. 206)

Chapter 9) A Cosmopolitan Perspective on the Self-Determination of Peoples (p. 226)

Chapter 10) Is a Multilingual Democracy Possible? (p. 249)

Chapter 11) Conclusions: The Prospects for Cosmopolitan Democracy (p. 274)