Archibugi, D., and Lundvall, B. Å
Archibugi, D., & Lundvall, B. Å. (2002). The globalizing learning economy. Oxford University Press.
Publication year: 2001


Part One:

Europe in Global Competition

Luc Soete: The New Economy: A European Perspective (pages 21-44)

Jan Fagerberg: Europe at the Crossroads: The Challenge from Innovation-Based Growth (pages 45-62)

Part Two:

New Trends in Firm Organization, Competition, and Cooperation

Patrick Cohendet and Pierre-Benoit Joly: The Production of Technological

Patrick Cohendet and Pierre-Benoit Joly: The Production of Technological Knowledge: New Issues in a Learning Economy (pages 63-82)

Pedro Conceição and Manuel Heitor: Universities in the Learning Economy: Balancing Institutional Integrity with Organizational Diversity (pages 83-96)

Mark Tomlinson: A New Role for Business Services in Economic Growth (pages 97-110)

Part Three:

The Globalizing Innovation Process

Daniele Archibugi and Simona Iammarino: The Globalization of Technology and National Policies (pages 111-126)

Lynn K. Mytelka: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Inter-firm Technology Agreements in the Global Learning Economy (pages 127-144)

Part Four:

New Challenges for Europe: Inequality, Sustainability, and Organizational Innovation

Gerd Schienstock: Social Exclusion in the Learning Economy (pages 163-176)

Frieder Meyer-Krahmer: Industrial Innovation and Sustainability: Conflicts and Coherence (pages 177-194)

Benjamin Coriat: Organizational Innovation in European Firms: A Critical Overview of the Survey Evidence (pages 195-218)

Part Five:

Innovation Policy in the New Context

Charles Edquist: Innovation Policy: A Systemic Approach (pages 219-238)

Margaret Sharp: The Need for New Perspectives in European Commission Innovation Policy (pages 239-252)

Jens Nyholm, Lars Normann, Clauss Frelle-Petersen, Matk Riis, and Peter Torstensen: Innovation Policy in the Knowledge-Based Economy: Can Theory Guide Policy Making? (pages 253-272)

Bengt-Åke Lundvall: Innovation Policy in the Globalizing Learning Economy (pages 273-292)