Daniele Archibugi and Andrea Filippetti
Archibugi, D., & Filippetti, A. (Eds.). (2015). The Handbook of Global Science, Technology, and Innovation. John Wiley & Sons.
Publication year: 2015


Notes on Contributors viii

Editors’ Introduction: Science, Technology, and Innovation Go Global 1
Daniele Archibugi and Andrea Filippetti

Part I Global Trends 13

1 The Convergence Paradox: The Global Evolution of National Innovation Systems 15
Fulvio Castellacci and Jose Miguel Natera

2 World Top University Rankings: From Distribution to Implications on National Knowledge Creation and Competitiveness 46
Thanh Quang Le and Kam Ki Tang

3 The International Race of Top Supercomputers and Its Implications 69
Kam Ki Tang and Thanh Quang Le

4 Soft Innovation and Changes in Product Aesthetics: An Omitted Dimension in Economic Analyses of Innovation Activities 88
Paul Stoneman

5 Is the World of Science Moving to the East?: What Bibliometrics Says 113
Ping Zhou and Jiang Li

Part II The Globalization of Technology and Innovation 129

6 Innovation, Internationalization, and the Transnational Corporation 131
Grazia Ietto ]Gillies

7 International R&D Alliances by Firms: Origins and Development 148
Rajneesh Narula and Andrea Martinez ]Noya

8 The Globalization of Knowledge ]Intensive Services 175
Ian Miles and Marcela Miozzo

9 Capital and Technology Flows: Changing Technology Acquisition Strategies in Developing Countries 195
Suma Athreye and Sandeep Kapur

10 Clusters and Global Innovation: The Role of Connectedness and Connectivity 216
Mark Lorenzen and Ram Mudambi

11 New Product Development in Emerging Economies: Innovation in Reverse from China 232
Simone Corsi, Alberto Di Minin, and Andrea Piccaluga

12 Crowdfunding: Toward the Democratization of Innovation Financing 249
Alessandro Cordova, Johanna Dolci, and Gianfranco Gianfrate

Part III Spaces and Flows of Knowledge 271

13 Harnessing the Geography of Innovation: Toward Evidence ]Based Economic Development Policy 273
Maryann P. Feldman and Jongmin Choi

14 MNE Innovation Networks and the Role of Cities 294
Simona Iammarino and Philip McCann

15 The Rise of the Global Creative Class 317
Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander

16 Global Science Collaboration 347
Stefan Hennemann and Ingo Liefner

17 International Mobility of Scientists 368
Kieron Flanagan

18 The Role of Global Connectedness in the Development of Indigenous Science in Middle ]Income Countries 386
Helena Barnard, Robin Cowan, Marta Fernandez de Arroyabe Arranz, and Moritz Muller

19 Global Trends in Brain Drain and Likely Scenario in the Coming Years 411
Alessio Terzi

Part IV Global Institutions and Intellectual Property Rights 423

20 The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights 425
Andrea Filippetti and Daniele Archibugi

21 Patents, Monopoly Power, and the Pricing of Pharmaceuticals in Low ]Income Nations 447
F.M. Scherer

22 Global Governance and Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Information Society: At the Crossroads of IPRs and Innovation 462
Paolo Davide Farah and Riccardo Tremolada

Part V The Global Governance of Science and Technology 481

23 Knowledge as Global Public Good 483
Daniele Archibugi and Andrea Filippetti

24 From Governmental Open Data Toward Governmental Open Innovation (GOI): A Global Perspective 508
Sabine Brunswicker and Jeremiah Johnson

25 Serendipity and Chance in Scientific Discovery: Policy Implications for Global Society 529
Donald Gillies

26 Global Climate Change and the Direction of Technological Change 544
Andrew Tylecote

27 Global Risks: Cause and Consequence of the New Interactions Between Science, Technology, and Society 562
Jean ]Yves Heurtebise

28 Globalization, Regionalization, and Technological Change 579
Frederick Guy

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