Archibugi, D. and Pianta, M.
Archibugi, D., & Pianta, M. (1992). The technological specialization of advanced countries: A report to the EEC on international science and technology activities. Springer Science & Business Media.
Publication year: 1992


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Preface by Jacques Delors (President of the Commission of the European Communities)


Introduction and Summary

Structural Change and International Strategies in Science and Technology (Pages 7-17)

An Overview of Scientific and Technological Activities in the Advanced Countries (Pages 18-42)

Sectoral Strengths and Weaknesses of Advanced Countries in Different Patent Institutions (Pages 43-59)

Changes over Time and Impact of Patenting Activity: The Sectoral Distribution of Patent Counts and Patent Citations in the US (Pages 60-78)

National Technological Specialization and Sectoral Growth Rates in Patenting (Pages 79-88)

Sectoral Strengths and Weaknesses of Advanced Countries in Science (Pages 89-102)

Degree of Specialization and Size of National Scientific and Technological Activities (Pages 103-119)

The Inter-Industry Structure of Technological Specialization (Pages 120-128)

The Patterns and Impact of Technological Specialization (Pages 129-145)


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