Archibugi, D., and Michie, J.
Archibugi, D., & Michie, J. (Eds.). (1998). Trade, growth and technical change. Cambridge University Press.
Publication year: 1998


List of contributors Nathan Rosenberg: Foreword Acknowledgements List of abbreviations

Daniele Archibugi and Jonathan Michie: Trade, growth and technical change: what are the issues? (pages 1-15)

Christopher Freeman: The economics of technical change (pages 16-54)

Parimal Patel and Keith Pavitt: Uneven (and divergent) technological accumulation among advanced countries: evidence and a framework of explanation (pages 55-82)

Mario Pianta: Technology and growth in OECD countries, 1970–1990 (pages 83-97)

Maury Gittleman and Edward Wolff: R & D activities and cross-country growth comparisons (pages 98-121)

Daniele Archibugi and Mario Pianta: Aggregate convergence and sectoral specialization in innovation. Evidence for industrial countries (pages 122-140)

Giovanni Amendola, Paolo Guerrieri and Pier Carlo Padoan: International patterns of technological accumulation and trade (pages 141-167)

Hariolf Grupp and Gunnar Münt: Trade on high-technology markets and patent statistics – leading edge versus high level technology (pages 168-187)

Paolo Guerrieri and Carlo Milana: High-technology industries and international competition (pages 188-207)

Jan Fagerberg: User-producer interaction, learning and comparative advantage (pages 208-225)